Privacy Policy

Intercity does not share consumer information with third parties unless there is a legal or regulatory requirement to do so. The law does permit the sharing of personal information where it is necessary to administer a transaction that is authorized by a consumer.

The law also permits the sharing of personal data when it is required to protect the security or confidentiality of the records and to resolve consumer disputes, fraud, claims, unauthorized transactions, local laws, legal requirements, and regulations.

These are examples of cases where data is permitted to be shared by law but there may be other scenarios.

By processing the transaction with Intercity, you authorize us to conduct additional checks to meet our regulatory requirements including background checks. Additional documentation may also be requested including the source of funds and source of wealth.

The data collected by Intercity is used for
  • Admin purposes.
  • Customer services.
  • Mitigating risks including the risk of fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

Personal data is transferred to our partners and also outside of the EU.

Personal information will be retained by Intercity and its partners for the period required by Intercity to meet its legal and regulatory requirements. The information requested may change dependent on the current regulatory requirements. We may also request and share data with regulatory bodies and law enforcement.

You have the right to request details on the personal data we hold along with a breakdown of your transactions free of charge. You also have the right to request deletion or correction of data, restriction of personal data usage including the right to request a restriction on the portability of the data. A request will need to be made in writing and an ID must be provided when making the request. Request to delete data or restrict data movement will be reviewed by the data protection officer, the personal data requested is a regulatory requirement, and deletion of data for transactions already processed may not be possible. Once the request is made, the processing time is two weeks. Further details can be obtained by contacting Intercity on 01535 685 754.

If you have concerns concerning how your data is handled or any other concerns concerning this notice, please contact us at

You can also raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office if we fail to resolve your data protection concerns.


As per the regulations, the fees and exchange rate will be provided before the execution of the transaction, the execution of the transaction is an acceptance of the charges and exchange rate of the transaction. You will be required to pay Intercity charges for using the service as well as details of the exchange rate.

Payments on the receiving side will be made in the currency of the receiving country. The rate of exchange is calculated based on interbank rates with a margin. The currency rate shown during the transaction will be the rate that will be applied during the pay-out of the transaction.

For some countries, however, due to local laws, the rate may be an estimate and the actual exchange rate confirmed when the transaction is paid.

For certain partners, for cash pickup transfers outside of the EEA where USD has been selected as the pay-out currency, and the location may not pay-out in USD, the amount sent will be converted into the local currency.

Intercity is not obliged to match or exceed exchange rates offered publicly by other currency exchange providers. Rates of exchange are adjusted several times a day in line with financial markets.

Intercity is not obliged to match or exceed exchange rates offered publicly by other currency exchange providers. Rates of exchange are adjusted several times a day in line with financial markets.

When using the mobile app for a transaction, any fees charged by the phone service provider such as charges for data services or any fees, you will be solely responsible for these charges.

In certain receive countries, local taxes and services may be levied at the time of collection.

The receiver may incur additional charges if receiving funds in an account. Responsibility for checking whether the receiving bank will add additional charges lies with the sender of the transaction.

Intercity may charge an administrative fee if the transaction is not collected within one year of the date of the transaction. If the transaction has not been collected within 90 days, the transaction will be considered as ‘expired’ and we will have no obligation to execute an expired transfer. For expired transfers, we will attempt to contact the sender to arrange a refund. If the sender becomes aware of the expiry of the transfer, the sender should contact us to arrange for a refund.

Right to cancel/ Request refund Policy

You do not have a right to cancel a transaction. We may however be able to cancel the transaction if the recipient has not collected or received the funds. The cancellation request must be in writing and will in most cases be processed promptly but can take up to 30 days to process.

We do not charge any fees for cancelling and refunding a transaction. For cash transfers where the transfer was not made properly or the funds did not arrive, we will refund both the amount sent and the fee. For transfers to accounts, where the transfer was not made properly or the funds did not arrive, we will refund both the amount sent and the fee. Refund requests will not be accepted if the request was unduly delayed or 13 months have passed since the transaction was processed.

Intellectual Property Rights

All trade names, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, and other property rights of Intercity are owned by Intercity respectively. They are protected by UK laws governing trademarks, service marks, copyrights, and other property rights. You are permitted to use the Intercity service including the mobile app/online web portal for personal, non-commercial use only.

You must not use, modify, republish or reproduce copies of any graphics, images, promotional material, or text on our mobile app/online web portal or any receipts or documents shared with you by Intercity or its agents. The copy may only be used to review the materials that are being provided.

Conflicts of Interest

Money transfers do not tend to give rise to conflicts of interest. If a conflict does occur, Intercity will provide the consumer with the details of the conflict including the nature of the conflict, and will ensure that the conflict does not result in a loss to the consumer.

Jurisdiction of Law

All matters arising from, or out of, or in connection with the agreement without any limitation whatsoever shall be determined following English law and the parties hereby submit to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales to settle any matter or dispute arising out of or in connection with it. A third party shall not have any rights under the contracts (rights of the third-party act 1999) to enforce the contract.

Complaints Procedure

For any problems that you face concerning the service, please contact the Intercity head office by emailing us at, calling us on 01535 685 754 or writing to us at the following address: Intercity, 6-12 Cooke Street ,Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 3NN.

We will deal with your complaint promptly and fairly. We will respond to your complaint within 15 days or sending a holding response of 15 days while we investigate the matter. The final response to your complaint will be made within 35 days of the complaint first being raised.

We may need to refer your complaint to a partner or you may need to approach a partner directly to resolve the issue. Details of this will either be on your receipt or we will inform you of this when you contact us.

If you are not satisfied with the response to the complaint, you have the right to refer the complaint to the financial ombudsman. Contact details for the financial ombudsman can be found here: