t Intercity Money

You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions if you use our services. You consent to the implementation of the money transfer and acceptance of the terms and conditions by initiating a send or receive transaction either through an agent location or through our mobile app or online through our web portal.

The terms and conditions are legally binding, and you must read all the terms in their entirety. There are also provisions covering termination of our commitments, limited liability, and exemptions from our liability for damages.

About Us

Intercity Ltd is a payment services firm incorporated in England with its registered address at 6-12 Cooke Street ,Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 3NN. Intercity is authorized by the FCA for the provision of payment services under FCA FRN No. 514406. Furthermore, Inter City is regulated by HMRC as a money service business under registration number XMML00000106051.

Intercity offers money transfer services internationally. The service is provided by Intercity through its partners via a network of agents or through our mobile app/online web portal.


Every money transfer constitutes a separate agreement between Intercity and the sender of the funds.

When sending money through Intercity, you agree to us using our partners to process your transaction and share relevant details with our partners. The terms and conditions along with other documentation related to the service constitute the entire agreement/ contract between Intercity /its partners and you, which governs the use of the service and the individual recipient of the service.

Terms and conditions are subject to changes depending on changes in the law or regulatory requirements. Any changes made after the completion of a transaction will not apply to the current transaction. These changes will only apply to transactions processed after the date the changes have been made.

If you would like a copy of the terms and conditions or additional information about our services, please contact us at info@intercitymoney.com or by calling us on 01535 685 754.

Our Services

The service allows you to send money to a recipient designated by you. The money can be collected by a recipient in cash or sent to the recipient’s bank account or the customer can send money directly via Mobile App/ Web portal.

To use the Intercity service, you must be at least 18 years of age. The service is for personal use only and may not be used for gambling purposes, escrow, or trust purposes. Please read the fraud warning on the form. We will not be liable if you change your mind after a recipient designated by you has been paid.

When the money transfer is conducted, certain information will be requested including identification details which is a requirement to meet our regulatory responsibilities. Certain partners will require the selection of a pay-out agent in the receiving country. To change a payout location, you may need to contact our partner directly or we may need to refer your query to our partners.

A control number/PIN is provided to you on the completion of a transaction which must only be provided to the recipient of the transaction to enable the collection of the funds. Intercity provides various options for funds being received. The transaction can either be sent directly to a bank account or paid out in cash. For pay-outs in cash, on the receiving side, the recipient will also be requested to provide identification details to ensure that the correct recipient is being paid out.

Intercity will endeavor to make the transaction available for payment to the recipient either in a few minutes, by the end of the next working day or latest by the seventh business day depending on which partner the funds are sent through, subject to statutory or regulatory requirements. If a transaction has been processed at an agent location, a delay can occur if the agent location is unable to provide the funds for payment promptly.

The sender is responsible for providing the recipient with the details of the transactions to enable the collection of funds. Any errors in the details provided for the recipient could result in a delay in the transaction being paid. The fee for the transaction will be indicated on the receipt provided at the agent location or on the mobile app/online web portal.

Payment shall be made when the relevant details required by Intercity or its partners are provided by the recipient including the name of the sender, transaction number, amount sent and country from where the money was sent along with a valid government-issued ID, there may be some local restrictions and additional local regulatory requirements. The acceptable forms of identification differ depending on the country in which the transfer is collected. Payment shall be made to the person that Intercity or its agent deems entitled to receive the transaction pay-out.

Intercity will have fulfilled its requirement to you to pay out the transaction to the recipients providing the above-mentioned details. For pay-outs at agent locations, the pay-out will be made during the agent opening hours and if the agent has the funds available to conduct the pay-out.

Applicable laws prohibit money transmission companies from conducting business with certain individuals. Intercity and its partners are required to screen all transactions against the list of asset freeze targets issued by the office of financial sanctions implementation, HM treasury. If there is a match, Intercity will investigate to determine if the match is a real match to the name in the list, during the investigation, there may be a delay in the transaction being paid out. Additional details may be requested during the investigation, including additional identification details from the sender and/or recipient of the money transfer.

In addition to our services, the agent may also offer their products and services. These additional products and services are separate and independent of our service and are offered under the agent's terms and conditions.

Fraud warning

Send funds only to individuals you know or can verify as trustworthy. The service must only be used to send funds to family or friends and not for business purposes. if you suspect you are a victim of fraud, contact Intercity immediately on 01535 685 754.

Access to Mobile App and Online Web Portal

By using our mobile app and online web portal, you represent and warrant that you are 18 years or older. We have the right to cancel access if it comes to our attention that you are under the age of 18.

On completing the registration requirements on the mobile app or online web portal, you will be provided with login details that are not transferrable. You are responsible for ensuring that the mobile app and online web portal are only accessed by you and that log in details are kept safe and secure. Any damages as a result of the use of the login details by a third party will be your responsibility.

For any suspicions concerning the confidentially of the app and access to the online web portal, you must notify Intercity immediately. Any undue delay in contacting Intercity may result in you becoming liable for any losses.

Log in details must be updated regularly, every month as a minimum. Ensure that you log out of the app and online web portal after conducting the transaction. We reserve the right to disable access to the app or online web portal at any time for any reason including failure to abide by the terms and conditions.

For payments through the mobile app and the online web portal, you must ensure that you have funds in the account from which payment is being made. We accept payment by debit card but you must authorize your card issuer to transfer funds required to be received by us for the transaction. Please note that we do not provide service for the credit card user.

Terms and conditions of the card issuer will apply to the use of your card or bank account and you must refer to such agreements when making funds required for the transaction.

For conducting online transactions, you will need to obtain equipment including a computer or device, telecommunications lines, an operating system, printer to print out any records on paper. You acknowledge that certain software and equipment that you use may not be able to support certain features of our services. We have the right to discontinue supporting an operating system if we determine that the operating system is open to security risks.

Consent for Electronic Notices/ Communication

We may need to reach out to you to provide additional information about your transaction, request additional information about your transaction or respond electronically to an issue. You consent to receive communication and notices from Intercity electronically (to the extent permitted by law). You have the right to withdraw the claim to receive notices on communication.

Updated Information

You consent to provide Intercity with updated information concerning your transaction including your email address and residential address.

Our Responsibility to You

We will take due care in processing your transaction, abiding by the terms and conditions stated in this document. We do not, however, take responsibility for transactions being declined, terminated, or restricted

We do not accept liability for
  • Card issuer services.
  • For damages as a result of a transaction being delayed or cancelled.
  • If the transaction is processed through the mobile app/online web portal and you do not have an internet connection which results in a delay or the transaction not being completed.
  • Incorrect or incomplete information provided to the agent or on the mobile app/online web portal which results in the transaction being delayed or cancelled.
  • Unauthorized use of the information unless this is the result of our negligence
  • If the mobile app/ online web portal stops working or is disrupted.
  • If the money transfer is delayed for matters outside of our control although we will aim To limit the time, it takes to resolve the issue.
  • Delays in the transaction being paid out or the service being unavailable as a result of agent location hours, availability of currency, money being sent to a different time zone, Identification requirements. Additional restrictions may also apply.
  • The supply of properties or goods and services which were paid for using the service.
  • The Transaction May Be Suspended or/and Terms and Conditions May Be terminated if The details provided are not accurate or incomplete.
  • You are in breach of the terms and conditions including the requirement to pay our fee.
  • We are not able to verify your identity
  • If we suspect that the Intercity regulatory requirements will be breached including regulations for preventing money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud.
  • Due to the requirements of a government or regulatory body
  • A court order is issued which we need to comply with.
  • The transaction is being processed on behalf of a third party or we suspect the transaction may have been forged.
  • Additional information requested is not provided.
  • The card issuer does not authorize the payment.
  • You pass away, become insolvent, a bankruptcy petition is presented against you, you enter into a voluntary arrangement, or go into liquidation.
  • Sender attempts to transfer or charge funds from a debit card that does not belong to the sender.
  • We determine that the profile has been inactive for a substantial time.
Refusal of a Transaction

Intercity and its agents may refuse a transaction without providing a reason, in particular, to prevent fraud, money laundering or terrorist financing, a requirement by law, due to a request by a regulatory body, law enforcement body, due to a court order or based on our internal policy

Unauthorized Transaction

Under the regulations, we may be liable if we perform a transaction that you did not authorize us to process. If you suspect such a transaction has occurred, you must inform us in writing as soon as you realize that such an unauthorized payment has occurred. We will then investigate the matter.

We must be informed in writing within 13 months of the incident occurring if the refund is to be considered. If during our investigation we determine that the transactions have been authorized by you, the refund will not be done. For any fraud identified, you will remain liable to us.

We will have no liability if we are unable to perform the transaction correctly where it is a statutory obligation or the reason was for events outside of our control.

Intercity shall be liable for damages resulting from the intentional gross misconduct by staff or agents while processing the transaction subject to applicable law. Liability is excluded in cases of minor negligence.

The liability of Intercity is limited to refund for foreseeable damage of the contract is limited to EUR 500 (in addition to the amount transferred and charges). Intercity will not be liable where details of the transaction have been willfully or negligently shared with a third party.

Where it is unlawful for us to do so, we do not limit our liability to you.

Your Responsibility to Us
  • To abide by the terms and conditions
  • To provide information for the money transfer that is accurate and complete.
  • To not use the service for any illegal purpose.
  • For transactions processed through the mobile app and online web portal, to ensure the payment is cleared by the card issuer.
  • To keep the login details provided for the mobile app and online web portal safe and secure, not to share these details with anyone else.
  • To ensure that the details of the transfer are only passed to the recipient and no one else.
  • You consent to Intercity conducting checks to verify your identity.
  • You consent to provide any additional documentation requested by Intercity to verify the identity, source of funds, and source of wealth of transactions
  • You consent to Intercity forwarding to regulatory bodies or law enforcement bodies. Your details if we suspect the transaction may be linked to money laundering, terrorist financing, and for the prevention of fraud.